Arbonne Essentials protein shakes

I decided to change my diet a little. The aim to reduce the amount of toxins in my body and to get more energy. I exercise and I eat relatively well but still seem to sluggish and tired. I also think that toxins in my body aren’t helping the old famous dimples we get especially on our legs! ( that’s for another post).

Recently I went to an Arbonne workshop and found out how much protein we actually need in our body. I was actually shocked. 1gram of protein for 1kg you weight! I assumed that protein is just for body builders and such like so it was a bit of an eye opener. We all need protein in our diet to build and even retain muscle mass, and we all know that muscle burns fat!

The Arbonne shakes are made from pea protein and also contain 20 vitamins and minerals and are only 670Kj per serve.

I’m using the Arbonne protein shakes which you can get from my online shop as a meal replacement – lunch in particular. Being gluten intolerant I can’t eat normal lunches such as sandwiches, so I tend to just eat a lot of cheese with rice crackers, which isn’t great. I occasionally still have salads but I wanted another option, so these shakes seem ideal. Plus I try to fit a lot in in my lunch break and making up crackers and salads etc is time consuming.

To say protein shakes are yummy, well they aren’t like your regularly full fat shakes or even fruit juices, but I actually don’t mind drinking them either.

My first thought of the Arbonne shake was, oh. Not really having anything to compare I suppose I was expecting your typical shake taste. I soon learnt to add ingredients to make them taste nicer. I’ve read reviews of people saying they are gluggy but I have not found that at all, personally you just adjust your ingredient to suit your taste buds. The “shaker cup” that you can buy from Arbonne has this cool metal whisk type spring that seems to prevent any non mixing of the substance, but they are best in the blender with ice crushed and berries mixed for a smoother consistency.

Personally I add items such as nuts, chai seed, frozen berries, almond milk to my shakes as a meal replacement and I am actually don’t mind them ( see photo below).

I’ve substituted my lunches for these shakes for a week now and I do feel more alert, I do get a bit peckish around 4pm so I have some nuts to nibble on. I will soon dig out the recipes to make protein bars using the protein powder, ideal to snack on!

For more information about the ingredients in the Arbonne shakes click here


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