Mineral oil – do you use products with it in?

Mineral oil is regulated by the Foods and Drugs Association (FDA) and is highly refined and purified – and is deemed safe to use on your skin, hence why it is in so many product. HOWEVER, I’ve decided not to use products with it in, I’ll leave it up to you to decided if you do…

The function of the skin is to breath and release toxins. Mineral oil forms a film on the surface of your skin that can not be absorbed, (like putting cling wrap over you skin and putting your products on top- it’s not going to go anywhere) thereby blocking the pores and the skin’s natural respiration. It traps dirt and bacteria and blocks the absorption of vitamins/minerals/botanicals that may be in a product.

An extremely cheap & common petroleum derivative (refined crude oil petrochemical) which is found in a lot of skin care products. It’s use is a filler, it’s not really used for much more than that so why have it? To bulk out the product?

In 1996 John Hopkins University named mineral oil in cosmetics and moisturizers as the number two cause of aging (first being direct exposure to sun). It may also cause allergic reactions and dryness, as well as promote acne and other skin disorders.

Maybe that’s why my RE9 does soak straight into my skin and works because it doesn’t contain mineral oil, this is the first product I have used and has stabilised my skin, even after a few months it’s still doing it!



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