First weeks results on using the Redox signalling Molecules

I’ve kept a daily record of how I feel while taking this molecule beverage, hopefully, over the next few months, I can see any differences in my wellbeing. I’m not expecting much straight away, any significant changes I’ve been informed can take between 3-6 months. If you haven’t read my previous introduction post, see here >

Summary – update for the first week

“I’ve been taking the Redox signalling Molecule beverage twice a day (60ml x2) for a week now and randomly putting gel on areas of the body. Overall I’ve not felt any difference in any significant pain levels change. However other things have started to turn – I feel like I’ve been through a mini detox, and have a change in my mental alertness, although still feeling tired my brain seems wired.”

Here is a list of issues and pains that I have before taking the molecule beverage. Pain level rated between 0-10,  10 being the highest level pain.


My Pain descriptions and general health status, on a day to day basis – before taking the beverage 

  • Lower back issues/ twinges  (managed with Chiro treatment) – Level 8
  • Tennis Elbow – Level 8/9 – had for over 6 months with no improvements, plus general aching as the day goes on
  • General aches and pains most of my life and inflammation in joints
  • Slight Scoliosis in my spine (Chiro treatment monthly)
  • Digestive issues; stomach cramps and bowel issues especially on some food types (diagnosed with a DNA test)
  • Subluxation in the shoulder, causing pain (weekly physio treatment)
  • Eyesight started to deteriorate over last few years
  • Generally wake in the mornings feeling tired, worse on some days
  • Crushing chest (rib) pains depending on how I’ve slept
  • Neck nerve pains and tightness
  • General neck and Jaw pains
  • Low energy
  • Tired regularly
  • 3-year-old scar (scar revision 1 year – still red inflamed)
  • Monthly cycle pains, very painful cramping and general stomach issues.

Daily Record

Thursday 15 March 2018 – introduced to Asea
( please see my initial post)

  • Given a sample tube of  the redox gel which is more potent than the beverage
  • Applied 3x in 5 minutes, Initially had instant relief in my elbow after the third application. Although it didn’t last.
  • Applied 3x in 5 minutes, on back

Started to take 30 ml of the beverage this evening ( half dosage, to make sure my digestion is okay).

Friday 16 March

Drank 30ml molecules AM

  • Feeling very tired upon waking and arm hurts – pain level 8
  • Back not as bad – level 6

60ml molecules PM

  • I’m not feeling hungry (eat late lunch, maybe the reason?)
  • Didn’t have dinner.
  • Tried cream on arm. No instant relief this time, but I’m frugal on the amount used until my products arrive (using the sample tube).
  • Applied to face (taken before photos).

30ml molecules AM


Saturday 17 March 2018

Had to get up relatively early today, feel very tired, kept snoozing.

Body feels;

  • heavy
  • ribs hurt
  • Elbox – level 8
  • very emotional
  • back – level 3
  • the brain seems alert, which is weird because I feel tired.

Dosage: 60ml x2

After 2nd does

  • Elbow pain seems a little less when I picked up a jug of water – level 6, but straightening still at level8
  • Lips feel tingling – applied gell 3x 5 mins
  • Applied to my scar
  • Applied to my cat’s eyes ( see below)

Decided to try molecules on Oscar (my, cat)…

Oscar has had an eye issue for a few months now. The vet doesn’t know what’s wrong, maybe a virus, but the symptoms haven’t got worse or better, and after reading a post on facebook of a testimonial of a Guinie pig that the vet said to put to sleep, instead the owners gave this molecule and he is still alive!  I thought what the heck!

I soaked a cotton wool ball in the solution and applied to Oscar’s eyes, and tried to wash them out with it too as much as I could (cat + liquid= angry cat) – See photo.


Sunday 18 March 2018

Here are today’s notes:

  • Bowel movements  – seem healthy, I actually had a proper 💩 😲 ( sorry for the detail) – this is not normal for me!
  • Elbow – pain level still high – 8
  • Back around 4
  • Tired but I had broken sleep and couldn’t switch off my brain! I seem very wired, not sure if this is the molecules – maybe it’s just me learning about these molecules?
  • I feel like I smell, as though something coming out of my pores, and have a weird metal taste in the mouth
  • Applied to an area of skin on my body, where I have had an acne issue – Photo was taken

Monday 19 March 2018

  • Feel very tired again but have mental alertness – things seem clear
  • no improvement in the elbow
  • Still, have weird taste in the mouth
  • My the tongue is white

Tuesday 20 March 2018

  • Didn’t sleep well at all
  • my body feels very heavy, sore body (maybe from cleaning on Sunday for my rent inspection)
  • Arm 7 then later back to 8 in evening
  • Shoulder 6 up to 7 throughout the day
  • Bought a spray bottle for Oscar’s eyes – he hates it, I think I’ll go back to cotton wool pads.

Wednesday 21 March 2018

  • Arm around 6 this morning, maybe I just had a good sleep? However after using my phone pain back up to 8
  • On initially waking, feel tired, but the mind is awake.
  • I had trouble getting to sleep last night, mind racing, and interruption with the animals, but once asleep was a great night sleep – didn’t snooze my alarm which is unusual.
  • Eat rice last night and for lunch ( food I’m not supposed to eat) normal reaction – note to myself stop eating rice!
  • Oscars’ eyes seem to be slightly improved. Hard to tell will have to check the photos
  • Drinking lots of water (typical for me)

Thursday 22 March 2018

  • Ribs body still hurting when I wake up from my nights’ sleep
  • Arm same
  • Mind awake got up straight away and started chores in the house!
  • Running out of Gel, so I’m not consistently using it – hopefully, my order will arrive soon. I’m thinking of doubling my does
  • The evening had the beginnings of a migraine, used what was left of the gel on temples back of the neck – seemed to release it a little. Went to bed.

So there you have it, I feel like my mental alertness has increased in the first week.

Have a great day 🌻

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