4 weeks review of my progress with Redox Signalling Molecules


Since my last blog post, I have definitely noticed some changes. Although small, and varying, they are still improvements.

If you want to quickly look at key milestones check out the coloured boxes, as I don’t expect the rest is of much interest to most people.😊 I have written a summary below.


Week 1
15-21 March 2018

Introduced to Redox Signaling Molecules, started taking

  • 30 ml molecule x2 a day, then when I received more product 60 x 2 day
  • Gel applied twice a day


Week 2
22-28 March 2018
Feel generally ok 😊 energy is good and my brain seems clear, and more focused! (sounds weird,  I know)
  • 60ml molecules x3 day
  • Gel applied lots ( gone through tube in a week)
Week 3
29 March – 4 April 2018
Beginning of the week was similar to week 2 generally ok with more energy and clear mind, but as the week progressed, I started to feel worse again
  • 60ml molecules x3 day
  • Gel applied generally twice a day
Week 4
5- 11 April 2018

A lot of set backs 😣 outside my control this week and gradual decline in energy, however the level of pain is defiantly still varying, but more on the high side by the end of the week.

  • 60ml molecules x4 day
  • Gel 3x in 5 minutes, x2 day


Details of  Week 2

(see the previous blog for week 1)
23-24 March
After the first week of the molecules, my arm pain level is definitely varying. Some days it feels slightly better than others, which is good because up until taking the molecules it was constantly at level 8.

  • Ribs feel crushed. Think it’s from Lying in my side at night
  • Arm pain level 8
  • shoulder same 6

25 March Saturday 

Today I decided to up my dosage as I want to see some more consistent results. I know there is a period of 3 – 6 months to see significant improvements but I have been advised if your body is in need of repair, taking more molecules can help
Changed doesage: 3x 60ml

26 March Monday 

My arm is really sore today (around 9) and my body is also in a lot of pain today – maybe the weather – very humid
Applied gel x3 in 5 mins last night and got some relief albeit not for long. I’m running out of product so waiting for my shipment!

Tuesday 27 March

Feel like I have more energy today, hadn’t noticed until a colleague said wow you seem better today!
  • Oscar’s eyes are improving yay (see the post about Oscar my cat)
  • Arm shoulder still very painful,
  • Feel generally energised and happier 😲
  • My arm is so sore today, woohoo products arrive let’s slather on the gel. Felt instant relief at first. Doesn’t last.
  • Aching lots

  • Wow, my arm is at a 10 tonight. Tried putting more gel on not helped

  • Slathered the gel on throughout the evening
  • Dosage 3x60ml
  • Period coming slight ache
  • Oscar’s eyes seem better again

Wednesday 28 March

Omg 😲 I just woke up feeling so tired ( time of the month) which is very normal, went to get in the shower. And I burst out crying, my pain level in my arm is down to a 1!! I have not had this relief for months, especially after how Painful it was last night. I’m not expecting it to stay as I use it throughout the day, but wow. And my scar is looking less red. Oscars eyes are looking better.  I’m actually in a bit of a shock.
Arm pain level about 2 😊
Not much change now pain about 4 bit of aching but still so happy less pain than I’ve had for months !💃💃

Details of  Week 3

Thursday 29 March

  • Feel good, I wake, get up and get stuff done! 😲🙏
  • Arm pain around level 6 this morning so put 2-3 applications of gel 60ml molecules, pain levels increasing and decreasing – I feel like I need to take a higher dose but I don’t have enough molecules (plus $!?).

  • My Physio appointment is today so will be interesting –
    • (update) – at the Physio, I mentioned my pain level has on occasion has varied, I explained I was taking these molecules, he said to continue what you’re doing as at least it’s not a constant pain like it has for months!

  • Taste of molecules I don’t notice it as much today, I must be getting used to it😄

Friday 30 March

  • Woke up at 8:51, I wanted to stay in bed but my mind didn’t so I had to get up doing stuff 😲 ( normally I stay in bed as long as possible)
  • Feel alert, I noticed I couldn’t sit still at egg rolling today (our annual friend get together) – my energy is good although still sad (recent breakup).
  • Arm pain level 8 / 9 😣
  • Wonder where the molecules are being put to use in my body as my arm is very sore – period maybe? it will be interesting to see how painful it is this month and if I get my normal ovulation pains  (around ovulation I get a weird sensation and ache)


31 March Saturday

  • Arm pain level 7 /8
  • Shoulder strapped up from Physiotherapist so it’s not feeling too bad
 I missed a day of taking Asea Sunday

3 April Tuesday

  • Back to Work after the long weekend
  • 🌬️Windy (had Sunday roast, veggies?)
  • Arm about 1/2 🤣 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
  • Ribs feel sore and uncomfortable (squashed) – I did sleep on my side most of the night


  • Though out the day my arm progressively worsened to level 6
Mom had water infection yesterday. I gave her have 3x 60 mls thoughtour the evening, she seemed not to have to go to the loo so much ( only other thing she was doing is drinking cranberry juice).

April 4 Wednesday

  • Very tired this morning – kept snoozing my alarm, which is my old habit
  • Headache
    (update – I have just put Asea on temples, neck due to my headache🤕 it seems to have helped take the edge off)
  • Arm sore 8
  • Shoulder 6
  •  Bowls lose
  • Jaw feels out, my teeth are clashing and Jaw is tight and sore, I seem to be going backwards today with my aches and pains 😞

Got home 🏡 from work and mum is ok!! 💃💃💃 All she did was drink cranberry juice 🥤 and took Asea 💦!


Details of  Week 4

5 April Thursday

  • Wow what a difference.I have gone back to how I use to  feel,  I’d actually forgotten how bad i felt 🤕 I’d got use to feeling good!
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.35.54 pmMy body feels heavy tired again, I didn’t want to get up this morning everything hurts. Having said that my arm isn’t too bad around 6. I feel like I’m fighting something. It’s as though the molecules have stopped where they were helping and gone to fight another battle maybe??
I have a stuffy nose and just feel rubbish


Dad came for a walk with me, down to the dog park today. The dogs as they do when excited run around and chase each other, but one knocked into his knee which jolted it. He was in some pain, so when we got home I gave  him the gel, (even if he said “no I don’t need it –  I can’t use that stuff). Anyway he did 3x in 5 mins, and I asked him how his knee was. He’s like ok. I said really how’s the pain. He’s like it’s actually okay, grudgingly lol

6 April Friday

  • Shoulder pain level 4
  • Arm pain level 6
  • Body tired heavy
  • Slept ok, jaw ribs hurt: ache
  • Feel like fighting something still – no real symptoms
  • Feel bit sad

Update: Just out from Chiropract / kinesologist. He said what ever your doing keep doing it. I’ve not seen you this good in a long time 😝

Wow, how things can change. I was feeling so positive this morning after my Chiro said what he said. It all changed quite quickly.

I’ve just been in a car accident, I feel like I have been hit by a truck (literally was). My neck and jaw are really hurting. I’ve taken more molecules and applied the gel to my neck, and I am off for an early night


7 April Saturday 

Considering the day I had yesterday with the accident I actually feel ok, my neck is a bit sore and my jaw still feels out of whack, but considering yesterday I am happy to be alive!
  • Arm about 7
  • Shoulder 5
  • Bowels lose
  • Energy mood ok
  • Neck / Jaw 4

Sunday 8 April

  • Feeling ok,
  • arm pain – up and down around level 7
  • neck hurts
  • energy a bit low

Monday 9 April

  • Energy low couldn’t get up in the morning
  • Tired. Sore from accident
  • Arm about 7
  • Bowls – soft but ok


Tuesday 10 April

I feel like I use too. It’s been suggested I need to up my dosage. Feel like I’m fighting something, plus the stress of the accident

  • Headaches
  • Very tired
  • Arm 9
Upped does to 4x60ml to see if i can get back on track

Wednesday 11 April

Although didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, getting cold and dark, I feel better as in energy.
  • Arm still sore 8
  • Shoulder 5
  • A niggling headache but other than that all okay
  • Oh, I haven’t noticed me being extremely cold of late??
  • Knee issue- tight thigh or card muscle


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