Week 5-6 On Redox Signaling Molecules



Hello and welcome to my next two weekly installments on the Redox Signalling molecules (beverage and gel).

Over the last two weeks, I have definitely noticed a variation in the pain of my tennis elbow injury. From how it was a constant pain to some days very minor that I don’t notice it.  My energy level is awesome and my brain is very clear and focused.

I have had a few days that I felt very sore, and it seems to be in conjunction with my monthly cycles?? maybe the molecules are helping in that area, I do wonder how much my body needs at this time, I did up my does which I think helped but it is hard to tell if I would have naturally felt better or if its the molecules.

Overall I am very very happy with my progress, especially as I’m only 6 weeks into the 3-6 months expected timeframe.



Week 5

Thursday 12 April
Started to feel a bit better again today

  • Arm 6
  • Shoulder 3
  • Bowls ok
Started to get ovulation pain wonder🤕 if that’s why I was feeling bad last week?

Friday 13  April
Observations for today:

  • Arm level 6
  • Feel more energy back again
  • Ovulation pain 4
  • Started to need the toilet a lot yesterday?
  • Shoulder level 2

15 April Sunday

I forgot to write something yesterday which is interesting, am I not in so much pain so I forgetting??
My arm pain is definitely varying and not a constant anymore, at the moment it’s around 6 in morning to about 8 at night.
  • shoulder 2
  • energy 4
Notice: Bruises seem to be healing quicker. I bruise really easily and normally they take 2 weeks or so to heel, I’ve defiantly noticed them healing in a week!

 Wednesday 18 April 
Arm pain is quite minimal this morning yay, around 3!!! 😮

I’ve started to notice a change in my skin. My forehead feels very dry and a bit sensitive maybe need to back off the gel a bit on my face, I had this when I started using my Arbonne products that had active ingredients, it was just my skin getting used to it, so I’m not worried.
Regarding my Skin being very dry. I’ve spoken to Eniko (a natural path) and said to stop using the gel for a few days as it sounds like my skin is detoxing.  I’ll back off and slowly introduce it again
woo-yeah.pngWoo hoo just realised its the first day without my arm brace, didn’t even realise until now!! 10:00pm


Week 6

Thursday 19 April
Skin really dry still and has become a little sensitive. I”ve had to back off putting some of my skincare on as it’s stinging! I’m not putting the gel on my face either.

Skin feels itchy on arms. Maybe this is a detoxing or healing?

Friday 20 April
 I woke up this morning, now feeling awful again, what I call back to my normal state (which is a huge change to what I’ve felt of the last 6 weeks). My mood is ok, as my head is clear, but my aches and pains and tiredness and not good again – overall feel a level 8
  • Arm level last night around 8, I applied the 3x in 5 Mins, it gave me relief before bed, pain to about 5, but when I woke it was worse again.
  • Shoulder /  neck – level 4
  • no other noticeable pains

Noticed: other than week 4, after the accident I haven’t taken any pain medication 😲


Saturday  21st April
My skin is a lot better today and doesn’t feel so dry. I’ve managed to use my genius pads this evening (before they were stinging)

  • OUCH – Knocked my knee ( basically Knee butted the wall). Applied Gel straight away to see if I get a bruise???


(Update: Bruise did develop but really really faintly, normally I bruise really bad)

  • Have headaches
  • Felt like I needed to drink more water today
  • Energy good
  • Happy
  • Arm pain has varied today. Definitely not noticing it as much. Right now 12:46 (technical tomorrow) pain 4 woo hoo


Sunday 22 April
10:30 am – Did not want to get out of bed this morning, feeling very tired and a bit aching/sore / stiff. The weather is☔️🌧 – which is no incentive. First full wet morning for a while. This is normal for me when it’s wet and cold. Actually, I’m usually worse in damp conditions!

  • Arm level 6
  • Shoulder 2
By end of the day I’ve started to feel a bit crappy (only took 3x dosages – is that significant?
  • My skin around neck itchy
  •  Also noticed on a scratch from one of the kittens on my finger is itchy a lot and has healed really quickly!

Monday 23 April 

Woo hoo, my arm pain is between 0-1 again in the shower and I suddenly thought oh wow I have not felt pain so I moved my arm and nothing!
As I’ve begun to get myself ready starting to feel it so around 1-2 now 7:35am


Also, I’m not tasting the beverage anymore. When I first started it I had to hold my nose gulp as I couldn’t stand it. Now it’s like drinking 🥛 milk 😆
  • Shoulder and joints 3 – considering it’s still 🌧 our their I’m happy 😃
  • Energy and feel happy. People at work said wow you are chirpy
  • Feel hungry
  • Feel very dull aches (period)?
60ml am
120ml lunch
3:31pm Started to get dull aches – my period-pain,  😖  in my stomach and lower back too.
I tried the 3x 5. Mins gel application. Maybe a minor decrease in pain but nothing significant atm.
Had to take some pain meds. But disappeared as soon as I did, normally need to take Buscapan too!
6:12pm. Just realised my arm pain down to 4


24 April Tuesday
Woke up feeling good, considering I’m on my period. Not had to take any more pain meds which is an improvement! My skin had been feeling great but starting to get pimps around my mouth. I’ve not had this before – I wonder if this is another mini detox??

My Arm is feeling good. The pain has varied today but I haven’t had to wear my arm brace again. Pain from 4-5 to about 7 atm.

Definitely noticing big variations. Last 2-3 days especially.



happydays-e1524813819450.pngFeeing happy and full of energy. Which is weird since I’m on my period. Defiantly still craved chocolate for the last few days which is normally. Not had to take any more pain meds for period paid Woop woop, bloating haven’t noticed anything!!! 😊😆👍🏼 Very unusual.

Excited what else these molecules will do


Wednesday 25th April
I woke up late – it’s a public holiday. But I have a headache and feel very very tired. I didn’t put any gel on last night, not sure if 🤔 that has anything to do with it?

  • Arm back to- level 7-8
  • Aching body- level6
  • Headache – level 6
  • Still on my period (but no pain!)
Wow, feel like I use to on a bad day back ribs shoulders all ache. Arm hurts I feel tired and have a headache.🤕 Forgotten how this feels
Dosage: (upped to see if it helps)
  • 60ml am
  • 120ml lunch
  • 60 evening
  • 60 before bed
I wonder if it’s my monthly cycle ( will need to check last month, to see if I felt this crap then too?  Here’s hoping I feel good again in the morning.

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