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Michelle McDonogh

Independant Arbonne Consultant | District Manager


I’m 37 years old female, current occupation is a freelance Graphic Designer (Change Your Design) alongside I own my own online Health Wellness and Beauty business called change your look. An Arbonne Independant Consultant, District Manager.

I started this business because I wanted a change, more free time and in need of some more income, but mainly because I fell in love with the Arbonne products.

I had tried so many different skincare brands over the years but was never satisfied with the results, they just never did what they said they would, so when I was introduced to the Arbonne products, but I was a bit sceptical. After a short time, a bit of an adjustment with using the products I was hooked, and soon started to see results. I have never had so many comments about my skin since using this brand exclusively, and people can’t believe my age, they truly do stop the clock!

Now, I just want to tell the world and let you all try these amazing products to see for yourselves. There is nothing more satisfying than helping others change their look!

I fit this business in the nooks and crannies of my already busy life so if you have every thought you need a plan b, or a second income, or just some more play money then contact me as I’m always looking for motivated people to train and join my team!

Email: changeyourlook.myarbonne@gmail.com

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