DAY 28 Body Renewing Gelee

Day 28 – of using Arbonne products
08/01/14 – and continuing….

I tried the Arbonne Body Renewing Gelee today. I love it! It feels so nice and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.

Its cooling sensation is the best thing ever for this summer heat, specially at night. I use it twice daily, it absorbs quickly and skin feels very soft.

I really recommend this product for many uses- here’s just a few;

  • I’m a dancer and it’s great for soothing my feet
  • apply to insect bites and minor burns, sunburn, grazed skin
  • temples and sinuses to help relieve headaches
  • personally it has help smooth out those horrid dimples we get on our legs!
  • “Powerful sea and botanical extracts help restore skin’s ionic balance, for optimum moisture and to lock in skin renewing benefits. Enriched with sea plant antioxidants to resist environ­mental pollutants, this refreshing gel cools as it nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes for skin that is soft and smooth.”


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