I started a new health direction 4 months ago.

I am so thankful and excited to say I now have no pain. I can not remember the last time or if I have even ever said that in my adult life.

I am so great full I said yes and gave it a go. #MagicMolecules

Feeling amazing

Well I must say I’m pretty impressed with my molcules. My normal state of energy pain and overall well-being has dramatically changed in the last 4 months. It’s not been instant, it’s a gradual change but because I’ve documented it all I have really been able to identify the changes.

I feel like me again. I’m excited to get up in the mornings and do things.

My major pain issue from the last 9 months has almost gone, I hardly think about the pain anymore since I very rarely notice it. That improvement alone, is so amazing and I’m so glad I tried these molecules rather than the going through with the suggested treatment of Cortisone injections.

I highly recommend if anyone has any pain or lack of energy or endurance, just try these molecules.

They are safe.

They are native to the body (meaning that your body already knows how to use them, there is nothing to loose.

Babies plants and animals will and can benefit from these amazing molecules. #magicmolecules

The difference in 3 months – Redox Signaling Molecules…


Well, I have to say other than my annoying cough, which may be due to detoxing or maybe just because its that time of the year, but other than that I have nothing to complain about. I generally feel great, I have energy, I get out of bed (which hasn’t always been the case), my pain levels are significantly reduced and my skin, scars feel the best they have.

Over the last three months, I can honestly say, these molecules have made a significant difference in my life. I have my life back. Not to sound melodramatic but some days with my pain and energy levels I was not enjoying life at all.

I will in my next post do a comparison of how I use to feel verse now but for the time being, if you interested below is the details of the last two weeks… enjoy.

(as normal, if you want a quick summary just read the highlighted areas)



Friday 25 May

I went to the physio today, he’s really pleased with my progress and asked am I still taking that stuff 😁
He says I seem to be definitely improving, my chronic pain in my elbow isn’t chronic and the ligaments in my shoulder don’t seem to be so unstable or ‘stretchy’!
I am Coughing still.

Sat 26/ Sun 27 May
What a wet weekend. ☔️
Showers all weekend. One thing I’ve noticed I’m not getting my general aches and pains from the damp weather!
  • Arm pain level 6
  • Still, have this annoying cough
Other than that I’ve not really got anything to complain about 😀
4×60 ml
gel applied 2x day
Monday 28 May
Happy Monday!
  • Arm level 4 😃
  • Coughing still
  • My shoulder seems to be a bit sore today, not sure if it’s after my physio treatment?
  • Energy I feel-good level 4
  • Skin feels really smooth and clear today.
4×60 ml
gel applied 2x day

Tuesday 29 May
I didn’t sleep much to start with last night, this damn cough is still hanging around.
Arm was a little sore today at work, more aching this time but pain around 6.
Energy level good, I feel good (except cough).

Wednesday 29 May
Pretty much the same as yesterday. My arm pain, around level 6 at work especially using computer a lot the last 3 days.
Feel good except this damn cough. I dread to think how bad it would have been if I’d not taken my molecules.

Thursday 31 May
Wow hardly any pain today Woo Hoo in my arm, around level 2 I think so so happy
Slept ok, even though I was coughing to start with.
I Did wake up late today with a bad head, but I think that’s from not drinking enough water, had a little nap in the arvo and was fine. Now off to a speed networking charity event 🤗
Does taken all week: 
4×60 ml
gel applied 2x day


Friday 1 June

Hardly any pain again today WOO HOO!
Feel good and have great energy, even though I was out last night at the networking event. I’m pumped to get my work done.

Had an amazing night at the speed networking, met a great guy Paul, who is swimming the English Chanel for charity. It’s for a young guy who had an accident when he was over here in Australia. We did get talking about these molecules about how they can help with his energy, stamina and recovery for the swim!

Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 3.26.04 pm.png
3x 60ml
Gel 2x application

Sat  2 June
The arm was really really sore last night it actually woke me up from the pain!
I applied the gel 3x in 5 minutes to give it a boost and it did help take the edge off.
Upped my dosage tp 4x 60ml again.

Sun 3 June
Wow what a day, been on my feet all day I am tired but I’m surprised how I’ve lasted, to be honest.
The arm is a bit sore again today around level – 7
This damn cough is still there but its definitely going.
I found out some very interesting information today about the possible cause of this cough!…..
or is it just a cough?


Mon 4 June
I feel awesome today I should be sore and tired for being on my feet all day yesterday but I’m not!!! Woo hoo
Arm pain level 5
No other issues 💃 I feel like dancing, dancing, dddddd dancing💃
Went to an info night this evening delivered from Sally Dymond. She was such an awesome speaker about these molecules.

Tues 5 th June
After the info night last and something Sally said about how these molecules had helped smooth and reduce her keloid scars.
I instantly thought of mine, and inspected them.

I’m actually really surprised and because it has been gradual –  how smooth and soft they are feeling, they are certainly less raised in comparison to the one on my left hand that healed two years ago from the same accident! So yeah I’m pretty chuffed, I am hoping the next hospital vist to the burns unit will say I can take off this pressure bandage off for good ( 3years and 4 months later!)

I will pluck up the courage to do my before and after photos of my scar.

It’s been quite an emotional journey with the healing process of these scars over the last 3 and a bit years and has affected me significantly emotionally and mentally. I know there are a lot of people out there with a lot worse scars that don’t bother them, but for some reason, it has, even if they are insignificant in comparison to some people.

Wednesday 6th June
I started to get ear pain today whilst at work. Hurting when I swallowed.
I have just sprayed the liquid molecules into me ear pain for a few minutes, and the pain has gone already! – maybe that’s due to the liquid in the ear? Time will tell…
Well so far so good. Just stood up and no ear pain 🙌
Pain levels



  • Arm 6
  • Shoulder 4
  • Aches from cold 2-3 – It’s  raining cats and dogs today!
I’ve been doing some more research today.
When I first started to drink these molecules I found the taste, to be honest, quite yucky.
I’ve been doing a bit of research and this may be why…
Which is great news, because now I hardly find there is any taste 🌸🌿 maybe my body is getting more in balance 🧐

Thursday 7th June
All is good.
I don’t really have too much pain at the moment, the odd niggle in my back, shoulder, and arm, which is such a difference on how I use to be, especially in these colder days, I would be normally miserable as anything, plus doing anything I could to hibernate. But I’m not. I feel great!


Don’t know what I’m talking about – check out this post to reveal all…

Week 10



Generally my arm has not been giving me much grief at all this week, I am so happy. Its been a long time coming!

The only really issue with my health at the moment is this annoying cough. Even though last week I double, quadropeled my dose its still lingering. I supposed i just have to be greatful it didnt get worse or turn into the flu or a chest infection 😊.

Current dose: 
3x 120ml
2x Gel application on areas needed (legs knees, neck, face, arm and shoulder) When pain is worse 3×5 minute application.



Friday 18 May
I feel like crap, crocky throat, and an annoying tickling cough. Also, a headache started last night – I think from not drinking enough water💧, but I still have it this morning. Killing me –  Think I’m going to take so painkillers and go back to sleep.

3x 120ml
2x Gel application

Update: Slept all morning defiantly feeling better. Been drinking so much water headache almost gone.

Arm pain about a 2 – how cool😎 is that!
Had the best text from my dad and Auntie who are also taking these molecules. Bought a tear to my eye that it’s also working for them. #helpingotherstochangetheirhealth

Saturday 19 May
Unfortunatley my head is still bad this morning, I’ve taken pain relief which helped.
But on the good news my arm has hardly any pain at all 3!
3x 120ml
2x Gel application

Sunday 20 May
  • Woo hoo no headache
  • No pain in arm!
  • Feel good, my energy level is great 😀

I did a 5k walk today, my normal knee pain began hurting, so annoyed I forgot to take my gel with me! Would have been an awesome test to apply it – damn

3x 120ml
2x Gel application

Monday 21 May
Feeling good. I still have a niggling cough but not feeling any pain. My headache gone and I feel energised.
  • My sore knee (from 5K walk yesterday) Is okay today after I applied  the gel.
  • Arm Pain – 4-5
3x 120ml
2x Gel application
Oh another issue I’ve forgotten to mention, I can’t wear certain metals. I am allergic to them. My iwatch strap has a metal button, and I have started to get a skin irritation from. I’ve checked applewebsite, it contains nickel! Which I’m allergic too. Let’s see what the gel can do!
skin irriatation.jpg
( Apple: If you know you have allergies or other sensitivities, be aware that Apple Watch and some of its bands contain the following materials: Nickel; Acrylates).

Tuesday 22 May 
Woo Hoo first time in a long time … I’m managing my period pain with out pain killers.
I’ve been applying the gel to my stomach and lower back every hour or so – so far so good!, normally i am doubled up in pain counting the minutes till  the end of the day and I normally take double dose of Buscopan and Ibuprofen!
  • Arm pain
  • Period pain 5
3x 120ml
2x Gel application

Wednesday 23 May
Tired level 7
Period pain 5
Cough, still coughing! grrr
Arm level 4-5
Dry skin (detox?)
Upset stomach (detox?)
3x 120ml
2x Gel application

Thursday 24 May
  • Totally no pain (period)
  • Arm pain level around 5
  • Coughing a lot
  • I feel I have more energy again today, – Level 4
3x 120ml
2x Gel application
…. next weeks post coming soon!

Week 9



Well, I want to say I feel fantastic, but I don’t.

I’ve been fighting a bug now for a few weeks and it kinda got me, (actually, in reality, it hasn’t I just feel crappy and I am so used to not feeling like this anymore).

Although feeling like this is a really good reminder, on how good I have been feeling since taking these molecules. It’s strange how our body/mind forgets the pain and we get used to being good. It has made me appreciative of all these days prior to how good I have been feeling.  I am so grateful for these molecules and I am really glad I decided to write this blog, ideally hoping to help other possibly wanting to take these molecules, but at the very least I am happy even if it is only for my own for my own benefit – a gentle reminder.

I think the reason I’ve been feeling so crappy (apart from fighting a bug) is that I have been going through lots of mini detoxes especially over the last 2 weeks, I especially notice it more if I don’t drink a lot of water. I know myself my body is extremely sensitive and does not heal well at all, and I can really see that these molecules have their work cut out!

Week 9

Friday 11 May
noFelt a niggling sore throat and woke up thinking I was getting a cold, had my molecules and I feel ok. My mind is back on alert but just body feels tired. Definitely, they are off defending my immune system I think. People at work are coming down with a cold /flu type illness so fingers crossed. I did take extra does of the beverage yesterday overnight to help.

  • Arm about
  • A bit achy 4/5
  • Tightness in legs
  • Bruises are still hanging around

60ml x4
Gel applied x2 day

12 May Saturday 
Arm fluctuates around 4-7 throughout the day, but defiantly not noticing the pain really, I kinda forget about it until it gets worse.
Energy is a little low niggling throat still, think I’m fighting this cold a lot of people in the office are coming down with.
60ml x5
Gel applied x2 day

13 May Sunday
I’ve decided to up my dosage of the molecules today, I feel like I’m fighting whatever it is, I’ve got a niggle throat, been sneezing and just low energy


I went crazy today…
To try and kick this bug in the head.
5x120ml of the beverage.
I will not get sick 🤒 lol

14 May Monday
Feel a little low today, not sure why. The niggle in my throat is still there and I am sneezing.
Taken 2x120ml so far. Arm not too bad
Update 6:00pm
Just home from work took another 2x 120 ml before my walk with Rosie. Body is heavy but I feel okay.
10:30 pm
Just had another 60ml before bed to try and stop 🛑 this cold or whatever is trying to form
The arm has got a little sore throughout the day up to 6-7
120 ml x4 + 60 ml
Gel applied x2 day
15 May – Tuesday
  • Annoying tickle in my throat
  • Arm pain 7
  • Small pimples face 😩
  • Brain switch on 🤓
  • Tired 💤 – level 7
  • Aches back of legs/hips (have for few days) – 6
angerFeeling angry/ oh wonder what time of the month it is…
Yup, just checked my cycle app – it’s the PMT phase!
I must admit on days like this I can understand how people might think these molecules are not working, but I’ve got a good support network and information that I understand they are just doing other things, as my mum said you have a lot to fix so you have to be patient.
120ml x4
Gel applied x3 day

Wednesday 16 May
120ml x4
Gel applied x3 day – to try and help my arm
  • Arm level 6
  • niggle throat
My mum: 
“Just a little update on the gel. I am using it twice a day for skin care. It seems to have helped with my back though.  Mornings I usually struggle with my back being very stiff and have to stretch it or b4 I can do anything but lately since I have been using the gel (not on my back I must add) I haven’t had any back aches or pains in the morning.  Wonderful! !😃”
Thursday 17
Wow, whatever I had to eat tonight I’ve not had this reaction for a while. I had pizza🍕 supposedly to be gluten-free?  But maybe there was bacon 🥓 in it?
( I have done a DNA test and certain foods I have reactions too)
Had a niggling headache form early evening which is now set in and my neck pain has come back. ( I was sitting funny watching a movie, which probably didnt help).
4×120 ml + just had another shot 60ml
Gel applied x2 day
  • The arm has been good today level 2-5.
    • Update; About 6-7 atm  (11:00pm)
  • I slathered lots of the gel on my arm last night. Was that why arm been good today?
  • Just put a lot of gel on neck temple etc. please can this headache have gone by the morning!
  • Notice tonight when putting my face cream on how smooth and soft my skin feels 😊

Redox Signaling Molecule update - week 8

How I’m feeling at week 8

pain-scaleSummary Week 7-8

Week 7 has been my new “normal”, which is great, generally okay with the main issue being my arm pain. The pain has generally been moderate increasing throughout the day with overuse. But the best thing is that I have not needed to wear my support brace on my elbow!

Having said that to the end of the week and beginning of week 8, I’ve started to feel a little sick,🤒 I think my body is fighting something or possibly going through a detox stage.

Week 7

Friday 27 April
Starting to feel a little better today, not so many aches and pains which is excellent.

  • Arm around 7
  • Aches joints 5
  • Jaw still out of whack, I can tell especially when chewing food

I have started to get a sore lump under my left armpit which suggests to me I am fighting something. It’s usually a sign of enlargement of the lymph nodes caused by an infection. When I was a child, I have applied lots of the gel under my arm this evening to see how it helps.

Drank – 4x60ml
Gel  2x applications on arm, scar, neck face and legs.

28 April Saturday
Omg had an awful night sleep 💤 late night, poor Rosie (my dog) had an upset stomach, so she was asking to go out all the time, then either the kittens or Rosie had an accident in the night, so I was cleaning 💩 up all night! 😭 So I woke up feeling extremely tired.

Last night I discovered a lump in my armpit, which seems less painful after putting that gel on, so that’s a positive. My throat feels a little sore, and I feel like I’ve got an ulcer also, damp germys.👾

  • Arm about 7
  • Shoulder 4

update – 11:36pm
Arm not too bad at the moment about 5-6.

Thought I’d see if any of my food allergies were any better tonight, one is white fish. Feel very bloated and windy, so 👎

Exciting news, mom said last night. “ I had the best night I’ve slept last night in🛏 a very long time, I can’t remember the last time I slept through!– She’s using the gel 2xday for cosmetic reasons! Started 9 April.

Now, most people would say you can’t assume it’s the gel working, and you would be correct but its very coincidental that my mum hasn’t slept well in a long time ( in her opinion) and the only thing she’s doing differently is applying the gel that contains the redox molecule.

You see these molecules, even applied to certain parts of your body, can still go to different parts of the body as it’s at the cellular level, it’s understood that the body uses them wherever it’s most needed. Just because you apply them to your face for example, if something more pressing is happening within the body they will go and fight that fight.

Sunday 29 April
Well, the lump under my arm has gone, 😃 I have a small ulcer in my mouth – defiantly have toxins coming out of me!

  • The arm is good today about 5
  • Shoulder 1
  • Generally feel ok 5
  • Energy good 4

Monday 30 April
Slept ok last night, I’m still waking up tired but once I’m up in good. I have the energy for the day and get on with things.

  • Tongue white?
  • My Arm – I didn’t wear brace again today, pain level around 5 this morning, up to about 6 in the evening.  I’m definitely noticed a difference it’s not hurting when I pick up my glass of water!💧
  • The enlarged Lymph node under my arm has gone
  • Skin a little dry again- noticed some flaking
  • Mum saw I had bruises on my leg Sunday. I’ve been applying the gel to them topically – I’m amazed how significantly the bruise had reduced in such a short time! (Bruise’s typically hung around for weeks on me)

I watched a video tonight by Dr Gary Samuelson, about the redox molecules and how this supplement is helping athletes and their endurance and recovery. It was quite surprising, especially when he worked with a 72 year old who couldn’t work-out for more than an hour at a time. Now she’s doing a 22 hours workout a week and enters Iron Man competitions and has won first in her age group!!!

Anyway, the point was they mentioned how much water we should drink, and it’s based on your weight, I’ll put the working below, but it’s primarily, for me, 2 litres of water. I think I drink more than that most days.

You need to drink 1/2 your weight in oz, plus 10%
So if you are 55kg:
55 kg x 2.2 = 121  lbs.
121 /2 = 60.5
= 66.55
2oz =60ml
30×66.55 = 1,996 litres

Tuesday, 1 May
Wow slept through my alarm this morning! It must have neem a deep sleep.

  • imageArm about 6 – throughout the day niggles but no way near as bad as it’s usually!!
  • Wow, (gross alert) I had a decent 💩 haven’t had one like that for a very long time ☺️
  • 😯😜Skin dry againBruise from Sunday almost gone!


Wednesday, May 2  

  • A headache all day today
  • I’m not wearing my brace anymore. I mean there is still a little pain but not enough for me to want or need my brace or pain relief – so excited 😆 👏image-1

I had the best compliment at work. You just look less “ puffy” I know exactly what she means. It’s as though my inflammation all in my body is reduced 😆

Thursday, May 3  

  • I woke up feeling sick this morning.😢
  • Pins and needles in my left arm, which usually means I have some nerve issues again. The neck feels stiff and can tell nerves are weird. Think I must have slept funny.
  • Arm level 5
  • A headache all day – gel helps on my neck and temples
  • Told I look very tired. I feel tired.
Wow, borderline migraine – gel relieves it a little bit at this rate I feel like it needs the whole tube and bottle!
One thing with these molecules they definitely get to work quick so hears hoping it’s gone tomorrow.

Week 8

Friday 4 Mayhead-pain
Well, I did get my wish, head and neck are still causing me some problems. Did rub the gel on my neck a few times in the night which relived the pain a little, but I have a feeling I would need to apply it constantly at the moment. I do wonder where the molecules are being used, although saying that my arm I have hardly noticed any pain. It’s at the moment about 3-4 has been around 6 earlier.

Overall I feel tired and very heavy, pretty much how I use to feel.

Wishing the manic molecules work tomorrow 😊

Saturday 5 May
And she’s back…
OMG, what a difference, in how I feel.  I’ve got my energy back I feel happy my😃 brain🧠 is active my arm is not too bad, I feel alive again.image-2

Update: Been doing a little work on my computer tonight, so the arm is now around 7.

Monday 7th May

Feeling tired this morning, but it has started to get cold in the morning, its time to go into hibernation me thinks.


  • Arm around level 6
  • Tired 💤
  • Upset stomach (from Sunday) all ok now


4:20pm – update
– the arm pain down to around level 4 💃🏻

Tuesday 8th May
I still want to hibernate, but that’s because it’s so cold in the mornings. Funny because from where I’m from (UK) they all think 18-20 is hot!

Arm pain is pretty low in the mornings still then over the day gets a little worse. But also started to noticed my nails are looking really good, and white and strong ( what’s the betting I break one now!) 🤪

Wednesday 9 May
Slightly confused🤷‍♀️ about where the molecules going to and what they are doing right now.

I feel like I’m still not 100% recovered since I discovering the enlarged lymph node under my arm, and I am starting to feel the signs of feeling sick. Nothing has eventuated, but I just don’t feel my good self that I have become used to since replenishing these molecules into my body… so what are they doing.

I’ve even noticed my bruises aren’t healing as well as they have been. Very strange. My arm started to hurt more last night and this morning is at level 7.


cyl-header-logoRead My First Post about Redox Molecules >

Week 5-6 On Redox Signaling Molecules



Hello and welcome to my next two weekly installments on the Redox Signalling molecules (beverage and gel).

Over the last two weeks, I have definitely noticed a variation in the pain of my tennis elbow injury. From how it was a constant pain to some days very minor that I don’t notice it.  My energy level is awesome and my brain is very clear and focused.

I have had a few days that I felt very sore, and it seems to be in conjunction with my monthly cycles?? maybe the molecules are helping in that area, I do wonder how much my body needs at this time, I did up my does which I think helped but it is hard to tell if I would have naturally felt better or if its the molecules.

Overall I am very very happy with my progress, especially as I’m only 6 weeks into the 3-6 months expected timeframe.



Week 5

Thursday 12 April
Started to feel a bit better again today

  • Arm 6
  • Shoulder 3
  • Bowls ok
Started to get ovulation pain wonder🤕 if that’s why I was feeling bad last week?

Friday 13  April
Observations for today:

  • Arm level 6
  • Feel more energy back again
  • Ovulation pain 4
  • Started to need the toilet a lot yesterday?
  • Shoulder level 2

15 April Sunday

I forgot to write something yesterday which is interesting, am I not in so much pain so I forgetting??
My arm pain is definitely varying and not a constant anymore, at the moment it’s around 6 in morning to about 8 at night.
  • shoulder 2
  • energy 4
Notice: Bruises seem to be healing quicker. I bruise really easily and normally they take 2 weeks or so to heel, I’ve defiantly noticed them healing in a week!

 Wednesday 18 April 
Arm pain is quite minimal this morning yay, around 3!!! 😮

I’ve started to notice a change in my skin. My forehead feels very dry and a bit sensitive maybe need to back off the gel a bit on my face, I had this when I started using my Arbonne products that had active ingredients, it was just my skin getting used to it, so I’m not worried.
Regarding my Skin being very dry. I’ve spoken to Eniko (a natural path) and said to stop using the gel for a few days as it sounds like my skin is detoxing.  I’ll back off and slowly introduce it again
woo-yeah.pngWoo hoo just realised its the first day without my arm brace, didn’t even realise until now!! 10:00pm


Week 6

Thursday 19 April
Skin really dry still and has become a little sensitive. I”ve had to back off putting some of my skincare on as it’s stinging! I’m not putting the gel on my face either.

Skin feels itchy on arms. Maybe this is a detoxing or healing?

Friday 20 April
 I woke up this morning, now feeling awful again, what I call back to my normal state (which is a huge change to what I’ve felt of the last 6 weeks). My mood is ok, as my head is clear, but my aches and pains and tiredness and not good again – overall feel a level 8
  • Arm level last night around 8, I applied the 3x in 5 Mins, it gave me relief before bed, pain to about 5, but when I woke it was worse again.
  • Shoulder /  neck – level 4
  • no other noticeable pains

Noticed: other than week 4, after the accident I haven’t taken any pain medication 😲


Saturday  21st April
My skin is a lot better today and doesn’t feel so dry. I’ve managed to use my genius pads this evening (before they were stinging)

  • OUCH – Knocked my knee ( basically Knee butted the wall). Applied Gel straight away to see if I get a bruise???


(Update: Bruise did develop but really really faintly, normally I bruise really bad)

  • Have headaches
  • Felt like I needed to drink more water today
  • Energy good
  • Happy
  • Arm pain has varied today. Definitely not noticing it as much. Right now 12:46 (technical tomorrow) pain 4 woo hoo


Sunday 22 April
10:30 am – Did not want to get out of bed this morning, feeling very tired and a bit aching/sore / stiff. The weather is☔️🌧 – which is no incentive. First full wet morning for a while. This is normal for me when it’s wet and cold. Actually, I’m usually worse in damp conditions!

  • Arm level 6
  • Shoulder 2
By end of the day I’ve started to feel a bit crappy (only took 3x dosages – is that significant?
  • My skin around neck itchy
  •  Also noticed on a scratch from one of the kittens on my finger is itchy a lot and has healed really quickly!

Monday 23 April 

Woo hoo, my arm pain is between 0-1 again in the shower and I suddenly thought oh wow I have not felt pain so I moved my arm and nothing!
As I’ve begun to get myself ready starting to feel it so around 1-2 now 7:35am


Also, I’m not tasting the beverage anymore. When I first started it I had to hold my nose gulp as I couldn’t stand it. Now it’s like drinking 🥛 milk 😆
  • Shoulder and joints 3 – considering it’s still 🌧 our their I’m happy 😃
  • Energy and feel happy. People at work said wow you are chirpy
  • Feel hungry
  • Feel very dull aches (period)?
60ml am
120ml lunch
3:31pm Started to get dull aches – my period-pain,  😖  in my stomach and lower back too.
I tried the 3x 5. Mins gel application. Maybe a minor decrease in pain but nothing significant atm.
Had to take some pain meds. But disappeared as soon as I did, normally need to take Buscapan too!
6:12pm. Just realised my arm pain down to 4


24 April Tuesday
Woke up feeling good, considering I’m on my period. Not had to take any more pain meds which is an improvement! My skin had been feeling great but starting to get pimps around my mouth. I’ve not had this before – I wonder if this is another mini detox??

My Arm is feeling good. The pain has varied today but I haven’t had to wear my arm brace again. Pain from 4-5 to about 7 atm.

Definitely noticing big variations. Last 2-3 days especially.



happydays-e1524813819450.pngFeeing happy and full of energy. Which is weird since I’m on my period. Defiantly still craved chocolate for the last few days which is normally. Not had to take any more pain meds for period paid Woop woop, bloating haven’t noticed anything!!! 😊😆👍🏼 Very unusual.

Excited what else these molecules will do


Wednesday 25th April
I woke up late – it’s a public holiday. But I have a headache and feel very very tired. I didn’t put any gel on last night, not sure if 🤔 that has anything to do with it?

  • Arm back to- level 7-8
  • Aching body- level6
  • Headache – level 6
  • Still on my period (but no pain!)
Wow, feel like I use to on a bad day back ribs shoulders all ache. Arm hurts I feel tired and have a headache.🤕 Forgotten how this feels
Dosage: (upped to see if it helps)
  • 60ml am
  • 120ml lunch
  • 60 evening
  • 60 before bed
I wonder if it’s my monthly cycle ( will need to check last month, to see if I felt this crap then too?  Here’s hoping I feel good again in the morning.

cyl-header-logoRead My First Post about Redox Molecules >


4 weeks review of my progress with Redox Signalling Molecules


Since my last blog post, I have definitely noticed some changes. Although small, and varying, they are still improvements.

If you want to quickly look at key milestones check out the coloured boxes, as I don’t expect the rest is of much interest to most people.😊 I have written a summary below.


Week 1
15-21 March 2018

Introduced to Redox Signaling Molecules, started taking

  • 30 ml molecule x2 a day, then when I received more product 60 x 2 day
  • Gel applied twice a day


Week 2
22-28 March 2018
Feel generally ok 😊 energy is good and my brain seems clear, and more focused! (sounds weird,  I know)
  • 60ml molecules x3 day
  • Gel applied lots ( gone through tube in a week)
Week 3
29 March – 4 April 2018
Beginning of the week was similar to week 2 generally ok with more energy and clear mind, but as the week progressed, I started to feel worse again
  • 60ml molecules x3 day
  • Gel applied generally twice a day
Week 4
5- 11 April 2018

A lot of set backs 😣 outside my control this week and gradual decline in energy, however the level of pain is defiantly still varying, but more on the high side by the end of the week.

  • 60ml molecules x4 day
  • Gel 3x in 5 minutes, x2 day


Details of  Week 2

(see the previous blog for week 1)
23-24 March
After the first week of the molecules, my arm pain level is definitely varying. Some days it feels slightly better than others, which is good because up until taking the molecules it was constantly at level 8.

  • Ribs feel crushed. Think it’s from Lying in my side at night
  • Arm pain level 8
  • shoulder same 6

25 March Saturday 

Today I decided to up my dosage as I want to see some more consistent results. I know there is a period of 3 – 6 months to see significant improvements but I have been advised if your body is in need of repair, taking more molecules can help
Changed doesage: 3x 60ml

26 March Monday 

My arm is really sore today (around 9) and my body is also in a lot of pain today – maybe the weather – very humid
Applied gel x3 in 5 mins last night and got some relief albeit not for long. I’m running out of product so waiting for my shipment!

Tuesday 27 March

Feel like I have more energy today, hadn’t noticed until a colleague said wow you seem better today!
  • Oscar’s eyes are improving yay (see the post about Oscar my cat)
  • Arm shoulder still very painful,
  • Feel generally energised and happier 😲
  • My arm is so sore today, woohoo products arrive let’s slather on the gel. Felt instant relief at first. Doesn’t last.
  • Aching lots

  • Wow, my arm is at a 10 tonight. Tried putting more gel on not helped

  • Slathered the gel on throughout the evening
  • Dosage 3x60ml
  • Period coming slight ache
  • Oscar’s eyes seem better again

Wednesday 28 March

Omg 😲 I just woke up feeling so tired ( time of the month) which is very normal, went to get in the shower. And I burst out crying, my pain level in my arm is down to a 1!! I have not had this relief for months, especially after how Painful it was last night. I’m not expecting it to stay as I use it throughout the day, but wow. And my scar is looking less red. Oscars eyes are looking better.  I’m actually in a bit of a shock.
Arm pain level about 2 😊
Not much change now pain about 4 bit of aching but still so happy less pain than I’ve had for months !💃💃

Details of  Week 3

Thursday 29 March

  • Feel good, I wake, get up and get stuff done! 😲🙏
  • Arm pain around level 6 this morning so put 2-3 applications of gel 60ml molecules, pain levels increasing and decreasing – I feel like I need to take a higher dose but I don’t have enough molecules (plus $!?).

  • My Physio appointment is today so will be interesting –
    • (update) – at the Physio, I mentioned my pain level has on occasion has varied, I explained I was taking these molecules, he said to continue what you’re doing as at least it’s not a constant pain like it has for months!

  • Taste of molecules I don’t notice it as much today, I must be getting used to it😄

Friday 30 March

  • Woke up at 8:51, I wanted to stay in bed but my mind didn’t so I had to get up doing stuff 😲 ( normally I stay in bed as long as possible)
  • Feel alert, I noticed I couldn’t sit still at egg rolling today (our annual friend get together) – my energy is good although still sad (recent breakup).
  • Arm pain level 8 / 9 😣
  • Wonder where the molecules are being put to use in my body as my arm is very sore – period maybe? it will be interesting to see how painful it is this month and if I get my normal ovulation pains  (around ovulation I get a weird sensation and ache)


31 March Saturday

  • Arm pain level 7 /8
  • Shoulder strapped up from Physiotherapist so it’s not feeling too bad
 I missed a day of taking Asea Sunday

3 April Tuesday

  • Back to Work after the long weekend
  • 🌬️Windy (had Sunday roast, veggies?)
  • Arm about 1/2 🤣 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
  • Ribs feel sore and uncomfortable (squashed) – I did sleep on my side most of the night


  • Though out the day my arm progressively worsened to level 6
Mom had water infection yesterday. I gave her have 3x 60 mls thoughtour the evening, she seemed not to have to go to the loo so much ( only other thing she was doing is drinking cranberry juice).

April 4 Wednesday

  • Very tired this morning – kept snoozing my alarm, which is my old habit
  • Headache
    (update – I have just put Asea on temples, neck due to my headache🤕 it seems to have helped take the edge off)
  • Arm sore 8
  • Shoulder 6
  •  Bowls lose
  • Jaw feels out, my teeth are clashing and Jaw is tight and sore, I seem to be going backwards today with my aches and pains 😞

Got home 🏡 from work and mum is ok!! 💃💃💃 All she did was drink cranberry juice 🥤 and took Asea 💦!


Details of  Week 4

5 April Thursday

  • Wow what a difference.I have gone back to how I use to  feel,  I’d actually forgotten how bad i felt 🤕 I’d got use to feeling good!
Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 10.35.54 pmMy body feels heavy tired again, I didn’t want to get up this morning everything hurts. Having said that my arm isn’t too bad around 6. I feel like I’m fighting something. It’s as though the molecules have stopped where they were helping and gone to fight another battle maybe??
I have a stuffy nose and just feel rubbish


Dad came for a walk with me, down to the dog park today. The dogs as they do when excited run around and chase each other, but one knocked into his knee which jolted it. He was in some pain, so when we got home I gave  him the gel, (even if he said “no I don’t need it –  I can’t use that stuff). Anyway he did 3x in 5 mins, and I asked him how his knee was. He’s like ok. I said really how’s the pain. He’s like it’s actually okay, grudgingly lol

6 April Friday

  • Shoulder pain level 4
  • Arm pain level 6
  • Body tired heavy
  • Slept ok, jaw ribs hurt: ache
  • Feel like fighting something still – no real symptoms
  • Feel bit sad

Update: Just out from Chiropract / kinesologist. He said what ever your doing keep doing it. I’ve not seen you this good in a long time 😝

Wow, how things can change. I was feeling so positive this morning after my Chiro said what he said. It all changed quite quickly.

I’ve just been in a car accident, I feel like I have been hit by a truck (literally was). My neck and jaw are really hurting. I’ve taken more molecules and applied the gel to my neck, and I am off for an early night


7 April Saturday 

Considering the day I had yesterday with the accident I actually feel ok, my neck is a bit sore and my jaw still feels out of whack, but considering yesterday I am happy to be alive!
  • Arm about 7
  • Shoulder 5
  • Bowels lose
  • Energy mood ok
  • Neck / Jaw 4

Sunday 8 April

  • Feeling ok,
  • arm pain – up and down around level 7
  • neck hurts
  • energy a bit low

Monday 9 April

  • Energy low couldn’t get up in the morning
  • Tired. Sore from accident
  • Arm about 7
  • Bowls – soft but ok


Tuesday 10 April

I feel like I use too. It’s been suggested I need to up my dosage. Feel like I’m fighting something, plus the stress of the accident

  • Headaches
  • Very tired
  • Arm 9
Upped does to 4x60ml to see if i can get back on track

Wednesday 11 April

Although didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, getting cold and dark, I feel better as in energy.
  • Arm still sore 8
  • Shoulder 5
  • A niggling headache but other than that all okay
  • Oh, I haven’t noticed me being extremely cold of late??
  • Knee issue- tight thigh or card muscle

Sharing Oscar’s Progress on Redox Signalling Molecules

Oscar (my cat) went to the vets a few months back as his Third eye had begun to cover his eye. The vet wasn’t sure what was wrong, they checked his eyes but couldn’t really see anything. She said maybe its a virus and it should go away by itself.


A few months later and he still is no worse or better, it wasn’t going away.  Then I was introduced to Redox Signalling Molecules, which helps our body repair itself, a lady their also mentioned about her horse – a vet had said it was too severe to be repaired, so she took it upon herself to try these molecules, and it dramatically helped, I thought maybe it would help Oscar.

I have been applying the solution to his eyes twice a day, the photos speak for themselves!


Yay for Oscar, love this stuff!


Next Post >

OMG these molecules are starting to work, I am so happy!


I’ve just had to share how I’m feeling today, I’m in shock. Below is a text I sent to my dear friend who introduced me to redox signalling molecules!

OMG 😲 I just woke up and was in the shower for a few seconds and I burst out crying, my pain level in my arm is down to a 1!! (normally 8-9 when I wake up) I have not had this relief for months, especially after how Painful it was last night at a 9.
I received my products yesterday so slathered the gel over my arm before I went to bed. I’m not expecting it to stay at level 1 as I use my arm throughout the day, but wow. And my scar is looking less red, woo hoo. Oscars eyes are looking better. I’m actually in a bit of a shock. Thank you for sharing 🙏

Check out my next post, I will put some before and after pictures of Oscar and my scar! 😊



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