Weight Management Program – Evolution

Day one of my weight management program… and I’ve already been asked on Facebook why am I doing this?

Well it’s not just over weight people that need to manage their diet, these products aren’t really for a diet as such but to manage your diet. They contain some amazing ingredients which helps support your digestion and metabolism, and gives a more natural energy boost rather than replying in in healthy sugar or caffein spikes.

So far I’ve been using the following Arbonne Healthy living products:

The Pea Protein Shakes, (also see previous blogs) but I love the vanilla flavour. Combined with two small bananas its really tasty and it is a great breakfast alternative for me as I use to skip it having no time in the mornings. Arbonne have recently changed the ingredients (slightly) so they can officially be called meal replacement shake ( they have also taken out fructose, which is apparently a known carcinogenic!). To make my shake even more beneficial I’ve include the “greens balance” and “thermobooster” tablets to my diet.

The Green balance – to start with I had it on its own. Wow the taste is something I will have to TRY and get use to. However in the meantime i think I will try adding it to my shake to see if it’s more palatable!

Thermoboist tablets. After taking these I have become so much more alert than I have for a while. Normally I get a massive lag around 3pm but I’m still going which is a great sign (although I think I will not have them after lunch anymore as I am still wide awake and its gone after midnight!)

Will see what tomorrow brings…



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