Eradicate the winter effects on your skin – Inspired by the ocean


The Winter can be harsh on our skin, and it is so easy to forget our daily moisturising routine when it is cold – personally, I just want to jump into bed and snuggle up under the covers. However, this year I have found a new incentive. I discovered the SeaSource range. It smells amazing and has so many beneficial sea botanicals purify the body, I just want to indulge in these products. One I would definitely recommend and fantastic for anyone who is time poor and struggles to get to the salon – with the added bonus of it being a fraction of the cost.

Inspired by the ocean. Drawn from the finest European spa therapies that stimulate, strengthen and support health and beauty from the inside out.

My beautiful friend, beautician and holistic health enthusiast has written a bit about the products which I would love to share…

SeaSource Detox Spa – written by Eniko Nehez 

The range can be used all year round. With its main aims at purification, detoxification, relaxation and revitalisation, I certainly was not disappointed.

Four main therapies are used are:
Balneotherapy – the process of purifying the skin and improving circulation with the use of therapeutic mineral salts, seaweeds and essential oils

Algotherapy – where the skin is fortified to create vibrancy and youthful appearance with the use of macronutrients and trace minerals that are derived from deep-sea algae.

Thalassotherapy – using the therapeutic effects and ingredients from the ocean to stimulate relaxation

Hydrotherapy – invigorating the body and opening pores which allows circulation to be stimulated and heat the body with the use of various vital sea nutrients.

For me, I would wash with the Detoxifying Rescue Wash on a daily basis and used the Sea Salt Scrub a couple of times a week in the shower. Followed by the Re-mineralizing Body Lotion 24h mixed with a pump of the 5-in-1 Essential Massage Oil once I was towel dried. The reason for this was for added moisture during the winter months, which meant that my skin stayed more hydrated and protected against the elements for longer.

Once a week I would soak in the Purifying Sea Soak, which actually left small black residual muck around my bathtub – needless to say, I freaked out! After much investigation and asking a good friend of mine who sells the product she informed me that it was actually deposits of all the hard metals and toxins from my skin that had built up over time. That night, I had the best sleep I’ve had in months and woke up feeling completely rejuvenated.

The Fortifying Hair Mask not only is ok for me to use in my Keratin treated hair but was also a life-restorer to my matted, dead and winter-weathered hair. The Sea Mud Face and Body Mask is a treat I do every fortnight or so on my whole body or if I am preparing for an upcoming shoot – is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, remove centimetres from your waist, thighs, arms and butt – need I say more?

Another big tip I’ve started to include is to ‘dry brush’ your skin. The effects of dry-brushing your skin before showering is to stimulate the skin and increase circulation. it is also a great way to exfoliate and helps the body’s natural elimination and drainage process before using detoxifying products.

But for me the winner of the lot, is the Renewing Body Gelee. Not only does it optimally hydrate your skin but it also assists in the breakdown of lactic acid after a workout and calming your skin after inflammation (think sunburn in the middle of summer!).

The Seasource Detox range, when used in synergy, provides a whole body detox and leaves your skin treated with the cellular layer and benefits your insides. It a uni-sex range with a subtle and delicious scent that can be enjoyed by men and women from 12years +.

As a holistic health enthusiast, there are few things I will put in and on my body. Arbonne is globally known for its Safe, Pure and Beneficial products that contain no nasty chemicals or by-products and leave you feeling fresh.

One thing is for sure, I am most certainly ready for Spring to arrive next week,

See you on the beach! – written by Eniko Nehez

Thank you, Eniko for your insight to these products. If you would like some more Information on the Seasource range, click here


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