First week on redox signalling molecules

4 days ago a close friend of mine asked me to go to a presentation about a new health product that she thought I would benefit from.

I was a little intrigued but the main reason I went was that she was a friend and I’m so glad I did.

After hearing the testimonials of others that had been taking these molecules my level of curiosity heightened, I was actually moved by the stories I was hearing and just thought wow if this works how many people I could share it with and help with their daily suffering, and mine too.

I have suffered pain almost all my life since I was a young kid, I’ve been prodded and poked and roughly diagnosed with all sorts of issues, but nothing really that was fixable. My symptoms change from year to year and as I’m getting older other issues have crept in too. I suffer from what I think a lot of people do, symptoms involving digestive issues, inflammation, joint pain and general wear and tear, so on hearing about how this product had changed peoples lives, I could not say no, I have nothing to lose from it!

I’m mainly writing this for my future self to remember where I am at with my pain levels and to track the effects of these molecules I’m taking. I am a little skeptical but time will tell, and I just keep reading some many testimonials that I want to see it for myself.  I haven’t decided if I should do daily or weekly posts but watch this space for my report on how hopefully this will change my health…

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6 thoughts on “First week on redox signalling molecules

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