OMG these molecules are starting to work, I am so happy!


I’ve just had to share how I’m feeling today, I’m in shock. Below is a text I sent to my dear friend who introduced me to redox signalling molecules!

OMG 😲 I just woke up and was in the shower for a few seconds and I burst out crying, my pain level in my arm is down to a 1!! (normally 8-9 when I wake up) I have not had this relief for months, especially after how Painful it was last night at a 9.
I received my products yesterday so slathered the gel over my arm before I went to bed. I’m not expecting it to stay at level 1 as I use my arm throughout the day, but wow. And my scar is looking less red, woo hoo. Oscars eyes are looking better. I’m actually in a bit of a shock. Thank you for sharing 🙏

Check out my next post, I will put some before and after pictures of Oscar and my scar! 😊



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