How I’m feeling at week 8

pain-scaleSummary Week 7-8

Week 7 has been my new “normal”, which is great, generally okay with the main issue being my arm pain. The pain has generally been moderate increasing throughout the day with overuse. But the best thing is that I have not needed to wear my support brace on my elbow!

Having said that to the end of the week and beginning of week 8, I’ve started to feel a little sick,🤒 I think my body is fighting something or possibly going through a detox stage.

Week 7

Friday 27 April
Starting to feel a little better today, not so many aches and pains which is excellent.

  • Arm around 7
  • Aches joints 5
  • Jaw still out of whack, I can tell especially when chewing food

I have started to get a sore lump under my left armpit which suggests to me I am fighting something. It’s usually a sign of enlargement of the lymph nodes caused by an infection. When I was a child, I have applied lots of the gel under my arm this evening to see how it helps.

Drank – 4x60ml
Gel  2x applications on arm, scar, neck face and legs.

28 April Saturday
Omg had an awful night sleep 💤 late night, poor Rosie (my dog) had an upset stomach, so she was asking to go out all the time, then either the kittens or Rosie had an accident in the night, so I was cleaning 💩 up all night! 😭 So I woke up feeling extremely tired.

Last night I discovered a lump in my armpit, which seems less painful after putting that gel on, so that’s a positive. My throat feels a little sore, and I feel like I’ve got an ulcer also, damp germys.👾

  • Arm about 7
  • Shoulder 4

update – 11:36pm
Arm not too bad at the moment about 5-6.

Thought I’d see if any of my food allergies were any better tonight, one is white fish. Feel very bloated and windy, so 👎

Exciting news, mom said last night. “ I had the best night I’ve slept last night in🛏 a very long time, I can’t remember the last time I slept through!– She’s using the gel 2xday for cosmetic reasons! Started 9 April.

Now, most people would say you can’t assume it’s the gel working, and you would be correct but its very coincidental that my mum hasn’t slept well in a long time ( in her opinion) and the only thing she’s doing differently is applying the gel that contains the redox molecule.

You see these molecules, even applied to certain parts of your body, can still go to different parts of the body as it’s at the cellular level, it’s understood that the body uses them wherever it’s most needed. Just because you apply them to your face for example, if something more pressing is happening within the body they will go and fight that fight.

Sunday 29 April
Well, the lump under my arm has gone, 😃 I have a small ulcer in my mouth – defiantly have toxins coming out of me!

  • The arm is good today about 5
  • Shoulder 1
  • Generally feel ok 5
  • Energy good 4

Monday 30 April
Slept ok last night, I’m still waking up tired but once I’m up in good. I have the energy for the day and get on with things.

  • Tongue white?
  • My Arm – I didn’t wear brace again today, pain level around 5 this morning, up to about 6 in the evening.  I’m definitely noticed a difference it’s not hurting when I pick up my glass of water!💧
  • The enlarged Lymph node under my arm has gone
  • Skin a little dry again- noticed some flaking
  • Mum saw I had bruises on my leg Sunday. I’ve been applying the gel to them topically – I’m amazed how significantly the bruise had reduced in such a short time! (Bruise’s typically hung around for weeks on me)

I watched a video tonight by Dr Gary Samuelson, about the redox molecules and how this supplement is helping athletes and their endurance and recovery. It was quite surprising, especially when he worked with a 72 year old who couldn’t work-out for more than an hour at a time. Now she’s doing a 22 hours workout a week and enters Iron Man competitions and has won first in her age group!!!

Anyway, the point was they mentioned how much water we should drink, and it’s based on your weight, I’ll put the working below, but it’s primarily, for me, 2 litres of water. I think I drink more than that most days.

You need to drink 1/2 your weight in oz, plus 10%
So if you are 55kg:
55 kg x 2.2 = 121  lbs.
121 /2 = 60.5
= 66.55
2oz =60ml
30×66.55 = 1,996 litres

Tuesday, 1 May
Wow slept through my alarm this morning! It must have neem a deep sleep.

  • imageArm about 6 – throughout the day niggles but no way near as bad as it’s usually!!
  • Wow, (gross alert) I had a decent 💩 haven’t had one like that for a very long time ☺️
  • 😯😜Skin dry againBruise from Sunday almost gone!


Wednesday, May 2  

  • A headache all day today
  • I’m not wearing my brace anymore. I mean there is still a little pain but not enough for me to want or need my brace or pain relief – so excited 😆 👏image-1

I had the best compliment at work. You just look less “ puffy” I know exactly what she means. It’s as though my inflammation all in my body is reduced 😆

Thursday, May 3  

  • I woke up feeling sick this morning.😢
  • Pins and needles in my left arm, which usually means I have some nerve issues again. The neck feels stiff and can tell nerves are weird. Think I must have slept funny.
  • Arm level 5
  • A headache all day – gel helps on my neck and temples
  • Told I look very tired. I feel tired.
Wow, borderline migraine – gel relieves it a little bit at this rate I feel like it needs the whole tube and bottle!
One thing with these molecules they definitely get to work quick so hears hoping it’s gone tomorrow.

Week 8

Friday 4 Mayhead-pain
Well, I did get my wish, head and neck are still causing me some problems. Did rub the gel on my neck a few times in the night which relived the pain a little, but I have a feeling I would need to apply it constantly at the moment. I do wonder where the molecules are being used, although saying that my arm I have hardly noticed any pain. It’s at the moment about 3-4 has been around 6 earlier.

Overall I feel tired and very heavy, pretty much how I use to feel.

Wishing the manic molecules work tomorrow 😊

Saturday 5 May
And she’s back…
OMG, what a difference, in how I feel.  I’ve got my energy back I feel happy my😃 brain🧠 is active my arm is not too bad, I feel alive again.image-2

Update: Been doing a little work on my computer tonight, so the arm is now around 7.

Monday 7th May

Feeling tired this morning, but it has started to get cold in the morning, its time to go into hibernation me thinks.


  • Arm around level 6
  • Tired 💤
  • Upset stomach (from Sunday) all ok now


4:20pm – update
– the arm pain down to around level 4 💃🏻

Tuesday 8th May
I still want to hibernate, but that’s because it’s so cold in the mornings. Funny because from where I’m from (UK) they all think 18-20 is hot!

Arm pain is pretty low in the mornings still then over the day gets a little worse. But also started to noticed my nails are looking really good, and white and strong ( what’s the betting I break one now!) 🤪

Wednesday 9 May
Slightly confused🤷‍♀️ about where the molecules going to and what they are doing right now.

I feel like I’m still not 100% recovered since I discovering the enlarged lymph node under my arm, and I am starting to feel the signs of feeling sick. Nothing has eventuated, but I just don’t feel my good self that I have become used to since replenishing these molecules into my body… so what are they doing.

I’ve even noticed my bruises aren’t healing as well as they have been. Very strange. My arm started to hurt more last night and this morning is at level 7.


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