Week 9



Well, I want to say I feel fantastic, but I don’t.

I’ve been fighting a bug now for a few weeks and it kinda got me, (actually, in reality, it hasn’t I just feel crappy and I am so used to not feeling like this anymore).

Although feeling like this is a really good reminder, on how good I have been feeling since taking these molecules. It’s strange how our body/mind forgets the pain and we get used to being good. It has made me appreciative of all these days prior to how good I have been feeling.  I am so grateful for these molecules and I am really glad I decided to write this blog, ideally hoping to help other possibly wanting to take these molecules, but at the very least I am happy even if it is only for my own for my own benefit – a gentle reminder.

I think the reason I’ve been feeling so crappy (apart from fighting a bug) is that I have been going through lots of mini detoxes especially over the last 2 weeks, I especially notice it more if I don’t drink a lot of water. I know myself my body is extremely sensitive and does not heal well at all, and I can really see that these molecules have their work cut out!

Week 9

Friday 11 May
noFelt a niggling sore throat and woke up thinking I was getting a cold, had my molecules and I feel ok. My mind is back on alert but just body feels tired. Definitely, they are off defending my immune system I think. People at work are coming down with a cold /flu type illness so fingers crossed. I did take extra does of the beverage yesterday overnight to help.

  • Arm about
  • A bit achy 4/5
  • Tightness in legs
  • Bruises are still hanging around

60ml x4
Gel applied x2 day

12 May Saturday 
Arm fluctuates around 4-7 throughout the day, but defiantly not noticing the pain really, I kinda forget about it until it gets worse.
Energy is a little low niggling throat still, think I’m fighting this cold a lot of people in the office are coming down with.
60ml x5
Gel applied x2 day

13 May Sunday
I’ve decided to up my dosage of the molecules today, I feel like I’m fighting whatever it is, I’ve got a niggle throat, been sneezing and just low energy


I went crazy today…
To try and kick this bug in the head.
5x120ml of the beverage.
I will not get sick 🤒 lol

14 May Monday
Feel a little low today, not sure why. The niggle in my throat is still there and I am sneezing.
Taken 2x120ml so far. Arm not too bad
Update 6:00pm
Just home from work took another 2x 120 ml before my walk with Rosie. Body is heavy but I feel okay.
10:30 pm
Just had another 60ml before bed to try and stop 🛑 this cold or whatever is trying to form
The arm has got a little sore throughout the day up to 6-7
120 ml x4 + 60 ml
Gel applied x2 day
15 May – Tuesday
  • Annoying tickle in my throat
  • Arm pain 7
  • Small pimples face 😩
  • Brain switch on 🤓
  • Tired 💤 – level 7
  • Aches back of legs/hips (have for few days) – 6
angerFeeling angry/ oh wonder what time of the month it is…
Yup, just checked my cycle app – it’s the PMT phase!
I must admit on days like this I can understand how people might think these molecules are not working, but I’ve got a good support network and information that I understand they are just doing other things, as my mum said you have a lot to fix so you have to be patient.
120ml x4
Gel applied x3 day

Wednesday 16 May
120ml x4
Gel applied x3 day – to try and help my arm
  • Arm level 6
  • niggle throat
My mum: 
“Just a little update on the gel. I am using it twice a day for skin care. It seems to have helped with my back though.  Mornings I usually struggle with my back being very stiff and have to stretch it or b4 I can do anything but lately since I have been using the gel (not on my back I must add) I haven’t had any back aches or pains in the morning.  Wonderful! !😃”
Thursday 17
Wow, whatever I had to eat tonight I’ve not had this reaction for a while. I had pizza🍕 supposedly to be gluten-free?  But maybe there was bacon 🥓 in it?
( I have done a DNA test and certain foods I have reactions too)
Had a niggling headache form early evening which is now set in and my neck pain has come back. ( I was sitting funny watching a movie, which probably didnt help).
4×120 ml + just had another shot 60ml
Gel applied x2 day
  • The arm has been good today level 2-5.
    • Update; About 6-7 atm  (11:00pm)
  • I slathered lots of the gel on my arm last night. Was that why arm been good today?
  • Just put a lot of gel on neck temple etc. please can this headache have gone by the morning!
  • Notice tonight when putting my face cream on how smooth and soft my skin feels 😊


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